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Repair products

Repair Care International provides a complete system of repair products, tools and accessories. Our products are tested by independent institutes and embody the highest quality and safety. In the market they occupy a leading position.

Repair products

Repair Care offers a complete range of repair products for permanent repairs. The epoxy resins DRY FIX®/DRY FLEX® 1, 4 and 16 form the basis of our range. With these products the right material is available for every project, in all conditions and in each season. The repair system includes various epoxy resins whose properties are tuned so that repairs can be carried out as needed: very quickly or slowly, very massive or zero extension. There is always a solution!

Our repair materials have excellent modelling qualities and are slump resistance. Once the product is cured it accommodates the natural movement in the timber. The repair compounds are applicable to virtually all substrates, both outside and inside. 

EASY•Q product line

EASY•Q quality equipment - that is the name of the Repair Care product line for tools and accessories. All EASY•Q ™ products are very user friendly. They make a contribution to working safe and clean.

Repair Care products
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